Matthew Stradling is represented in many art collections in Europe, America, the Far and Middle East. Born in Hertfordshire in south-east England, Matthew now works from his studio in North London. In 2001 he was selected by Sothebys to represent Britain in the 2001-2 Young Artist International Touring Exhibition and his portrait of his mother was selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition. In 1997 Matthew's work was included in the exhibition 'Likeness - Reflecting Sexuality' at Manchester City Art Galleries, an overview of contemporary artists whose work deals with issues around sexuality. Matthew was awarded a British Academy Scholarship to study for a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the University of Reading and went on to win the Boise Travelling Scholarship in 1990 , enabling him to continue his studies in Rome and Madrid. Whilst at St. Martin's School of Art, studying for an Honours Degree in Fine Art during the early 1980's Matthew was introduced to the painting techniques of the Old Masters , whose themes and vision continue to inspire him. He received First Class Honours in 1985.

'Matthew paints the body in sumptuous detail. The jewel-like colours belie the sometimes painful content.

He delves into the realms of sex and death with delectation, making the painted flesh sparkle even as it speaks of its own fragility.

1987 - 89The University of Reading
Masters in Fine Art
1982 - 85Saint Martins School of Art
First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art
( Painting )
1981- 82Watford School of Art and Design
Foundation Course in Art and Design

1997Eaton Fund for Artists
1989Boise Travelling Scholarship
1987British Academy Scholarship

2016Emerald Life Winter Pride Arts Award Finalist, Islington Arts Factory, London.
2015'Signs of a Struggle' - La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
SUMMA International Art Fair - The Matadero Madrid/Centro de Creacion Contemporanea, Madrid, Spain
'Exhibitionists No.1' - Artworks, London.
'Exhibitionists No.2' - Artworks, London.
'Exhibitionists No.3' - Artworks, London.
2014'The Infidels' - La Trampa Grafica Contemporanea, Mexico City, Mexico.
'Sin In My Heart' - Kraak Gallery, Manchester.
'Graphite' - The Veneer Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.
'Visions From Interzone' - The Horse Hospital, London.
'Flesh Garden' - Milk Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
'Realism' - The Gallery Liverpool, Liverpool.
'The Rebel, the Recruit and the Chosen' - New works by Matthew Stradling, Naruki Kukita and Jerome Galvin - La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
'Sin In My Heart' - The Bunker, London.
'Urban Myths' - The Menier Gallery, London.
2013'Soul Meat' - Lion and Lamb, London.
'Erotic Art Exhibition' - The Gallery, Liverpool.
'POSTMORTEM/ International Group Exhibition - La Perrera, Santiago, Chile.
La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
'Boys Keep Swinging' - 4A, Piccadilly Place, Manchester.
'untitled male ID' - Angus-Hughes Gallery, London.
'Boys Keep Swinging' - Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh.
2012'Flesh Garden' - Casa Brandon, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sala +18, Santiago, Chile.
La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
'Infinite Passion' - Nolias Gallery, London.
2011'City Hobgoblins' - Angus-Hughes Gallery, London.
'400 Women' - Canongate Venture, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2010'Jubilant - for Derek Jarman' - Gallery 10, London.
'La Petite Mort invades Le Petit Monastere' Gallery Swap - Galerie Monastiraki, Montreal,Canada.
Pride Exhibition - 10 Gales Gallery, London.
'Gasoline Rainbow' - CS13 Gallery, Cincinatti, U.S.A.
'The Infidels' - La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
'400 Women' - Shoreditch Town Hall Basement, London.
2008'100 Mothers' - Sartorial Contemporary Arts, London.
'00 Nature' - Contemporary Arts Projects, London.
'Up Close and Personal - Bennett, Maelzer, Stradling' - Sartorial Contemporary Arts, London.
'Blank Canvas' - Pollocks London, London.
'Fellow Travellers' - NOVAS CUC , Liverpool.
'New Acquisitions' - The Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation, New York, U.S.A.
2007'Fellow Travellers' - Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester.
'Summer Exhibition' - Contemporary Arts Projects, London.
'Rector vs.Spectre' - The Residence Gallery, London.
2006'Going Underground' - Art@Large, New York.
'The Death of the Painter' - Moso Arthouse, London.
'42 - The Meaning of Life and Everything' - Three Colts Gallery,London.
2005'Face Value' - The Chelsea Gallery, Palo Alto, California.
'The Kiss VI' - The Arts Club, London.
2004'100 Mothers' - Vision Gallery, London.
'The Nude' - Gallery 39, Swindon.
2002'Artlink @ Sotheby's International Young Art' Touring Programme - Sotheby's New York , Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.
Pride Arts Trust Mardi Gras Exhibition - Lauderdale House , London.
'British Male Art' - Anton Galerie , Berlin.
2001'Spring Showcase' - The Art Attack Project, London.
'The BP Portrait Award 2001' - The National Portrait Gallery, London.
1999'Group Show' - La Galerie des Figuratifs Expressionistes, Paris.
1997'Likeness - Reflecting Sexuality' - Manchester City Art Galleries , Manchester.
1996'The Kiss IV' - Gallery K , London.
'Pleasures Unbound' - The Coventry Gallery , London.
1995'The Kiss III' - Gallery K , London.
'Talent' - The Globe Centre , London.
1994'The Kiss II' - Gallery K , London.
'Guys and Dolls' - Phillip Graham Fine Art , London.
'Olympian Arts Auction' - The Fine Art Society London.
'The Sexual Perspective' - Jill George Gallery,London.
1993'Fantasy of Form' - The Bruton Street Gallery ,London.
'Ecstatic Repose' - Ikon Touring Exhibition.
'Olympian Arts' - Centre Point Building , London.
'Masks - Real and Imagined' - West Soho Gallery, London.
'Art for Equality' - ICA, London.
1992'Exposure - The Out in Arts Festival' - The University of Kent , Canterbury.
'Outward Gaze' - The Pearce Institute , Glasgow.
'East and South National Open Art Exhibition' -Norwich Gallery , Norwich.
1991'Passion' - Candid Gallery , London.
1989'MFA Show' - Air Gallery , London.
1988'Between Ourselves' - The University of Reading Art Gallery , Reading.
'The Invisible Man - The Construction of Male Identity' - Goldsmith's Gallery , London.

2016'Obscene and Pornographic Art' - Joint exhibition with Sadie Lee at The Article Gallery, Birmingham.
2011'Pin Ups' - Joint exhibition with Sadie Lee at The Gallery Liverpool, Liverpool.
2010'Close to the Frozen Borderline' - Gallery 10, London.
'Boxers' - La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
2005'Black and Gold' - The Adonis Gallery , London.
2002'Nacreous Daydreams' - The Adonis Gallery ,London.
2000'Selfish' - The Candid Gallery , London .
1998'Paintings' - La Galerie des Figuratifs Expressionistes , Paris .
'The Treasures of the Night' - The Adonis Gallery , London .
1997'Mirror Mirror' - First Out , London .
1996'Mirror Mirror - The Diorama Gallery , London .
1994'Penetralia - The Edge Gallery , London .
'Penetralia - First Out , London .
1992'Paintings' - First Out , London .
1991'Paintings' - Zoo Gallery , London .
'Luxuria' - BAC , London .

Works commissioned by Marc Almond, Derek Jarman , Adventures in Motion Pictures Dance Company and the Malaysian
Royal Family.